Panamerican Coffee Trading Co. S.A. was founded in 1980 and since its beginning has been managed and operated from Costa Rica by the Sachs family. Today, over 30 years of coffee trading experience providing our customers with expertise and coffee knowledge throughout the Latin American region. Extensive travel by our traders throughout the region guarantee our customers the personal knowledge of farms, mills and exporting operations that assure specialized recommendations and advise.

In order to keep up to date with different trends and forums, we maintain membership relations with the National Coffee Association of America, the Green Coffee Association of America, the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the Asociación de Cafés Finos de Costa Rica and the Cámara de Exportadores de Costa Rica. Our traders have participated as cupping judges in several events throughout Central and South America, thus helping with the promotion and marketing of fine estates coffees.

We believe in sustainability and the green movement philosophy, and are therefore certified by numerous entities which support these initiatives and supply coffees with some of the following seals: FLO, Utz Certified, RA, Control Union Certification, FDA , OCIA.

We are able to supply all origins and qualities from Central America and Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Brazil as well as some selected African origins.

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